Below are a series of links to get you started with the college selection and recruiting process. Check back often as we'll update them when we find new ones that we like. 

Like most topics on the internet, there is no absence of advice or groups looking to make money. So, be careful: look for .org, .edu or reputable .com URLs. The best approach is to find a trusted source of information and stick with it. 

If you have questions, ask! Your first stop is at your high school guidance counselor's office to let them know you want to go to college. Your next stop is your high school baseball coach. Also, talk with your Post 11 Coaches. We're here to help you. 

Selecting a college

College entry prep

Funding College

Recruiting resources

FieldLevel Blog

Periodic articles on the college recruiting process

High School Baseball Web

Good resource on the recruiting process from a high school perspective

Heads First Honor Roll Camp Blog

Periodic articles on the recruiting process, with a heavy emphasis on the student-athlete and rounding out your college selection on academic, social and athletic fit