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Read about Nick Congrove's decision to go to college and play baseball

By Post 11 Fan, 04/20/20, 7:00PM EDT


Nick shares a grateful, reflective yet forward-looking and relatable perspective with a strong, relationship orientation

Congratulations to Nick Congrove, Liberty Union 2020, for selecting Muskingum University, New Concord, Ohio, to continue his academic pursuits and play college baseball! Muskingum's team is known as the 'The Fighting Muskies'  and competes in the tough Ohio Athletic Conference comprised of NCAA Division III schools.

Going to college and playing college baseball is a big deal for anyone, and Post 11 is very happy for Nick and proud of his accomplishment. He has certainly worked hard and deserves it!

At Liberty Union, Nick helped his 2019 team to an overall record of 14-9 by playing in 22 of the games and landing a .366 AVG and .423 OBP in 80 Pas and an .851 FP in 67 total chances. Nick is a 4 year varsity contributor and made the 2019 MSL-Cardinal Division 2nd Team. That is a heck of a season! This summer will be Nick's first season with Lancaster Post 11 and we are excited to be on a team with him. 

Below is an interview with Nick on his decision to go to college and play baseball. It's a great read. You'll quickly see his grateful, reflective yet forward-looking and relatable perspective with a strong relationship orientation. Planning on going to college and playing baseball? If so, pay especial attention to Nick's advice to other players on the recruiting trail.

We're happy for you, Nick, and grateful to be on a team with you this summer! 

Here's a link to Muskingum University. Check it out: Muskingum Athletics  

And, you can follow Nick on Twitter @CongroveNick

Congratulations, Nick!

Which college have you committed to?   

I have committed to Muskingum University.

What major have you chosen and why?

I have chosen to major in general engineering as I have always been a very creative person and love to design things.

How does it feel to know that you’ll be going to college and why?

I am sad to say goodbye to a large part of my childhood, especially high school. On the other hand I am ecstatic to say I will be playing college baseball and am ready to get started with college.

What is your favorite thing about the college you chose and why?

My favorite thing about Muskingum is how relatable the coaching staff was to me. I felt like I quickly bonded with the assistant coach (Coach Krupar) who recruited me.

How do you see yourself contributing to your new college baseball team? 

 I see myself being one of the hardest workers on the team striving to play every single day. 

What do you know about your new coach? And, how will you go about getting to know him and his staff and what they expect of a new team member? 

One interesting thing about my coach is that he has a son that is only a year older than me and he also plays baseball at a different college. So I feel this will help us relate to one another. I will go about getting to know him and his staff by keeping them updated on how I do this summer and just staying in touch with them until the school year finally starts this upcoming fall.

What do think will be the most challenging about college baseball?

I think the most challenging thing about college baseball will be having to start over with relationships and building new ones. Not that I can’t do this but it’s always a challenge to meet all new people.

How does it feel to be facing your final year of school ball? 

It’s a very sad feeling to know this is my last year of school ball. I have been fortunate enough to play varsity baseball for all four years and so it’s time to say goodbye, but it is a very very sad goodbye.

Will you approach your final year of school ball and summer ball differently now that you are a committed college baseball player?

The approach doesn’t change after committing to a college for me. Playing the game out of pure joy and passion is how I look at it. I am already a very competitive person so I will always be pushing myself to be better.

What advice would you give other Post 11 players going through the recruiting process and considering a college baseball career? 

I would tell others to think about your future plans first and see what the college can do for you academically. Then look at how you connect with the coaches.   

What do you think will be the first thing you do when you get to campus?

The first thing I will do when I get to campus is hopefully introduce myself to all the coaches and players personally. I’m sure it will move by fast and we will be in a routine right away. 

Prediction – how many all-nighters do you think you’ll pull in your freshman year in college?

I would like to say none but that’s not true. I’m sure I’ll be up late with math homework often. I definitely will need sleep or else I won’t be able to wake up the next morning.

Muskingum University Fighting Muskies

Muskingum University