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Lancaster Post 11 ALB Record Book

By Post11 Fan, 09/11/22, 8:45AM EDT


See records and stats back to 1974

What baseball team has a stats book where a player can see his stats along side someone who played 30 years prior? Lancaster Post 11 American Legion Baseball can make that claim, thanks to Coach Al Beavers.

Coach Beavers is an immaculate record keeper! Each year Coach Beavers publishes the Lancaster Post 11 American Legion Baseball Record Book. The book contains stats back to 1974 at a player level and highlights several cuts:

  • Current season stats
  • Top 10 career leading player records for hitting, pitching and fielding
  • Top 8 single season leading player records for hitting and pitching
  • 20+ pages of career stats for each young man who played for Post 11

Records of this type take a lot of time to keep and maintain, and provide an immense amount of enjoyment for the players and their families. The Record Book also is a testimony to the longevity and stability of the Lancaster Post 11 program.

Coach Beavers, thank you for all your efforts and the joy you bring to the Post 11 families!