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Read about Jared Blankenship's decision to serve our country in the U.S. Air Force

By Post 11 Fan, 10/15/22, 10:45AM EDT


Jared shares a confident, prepared and willing perspective with a great sense of humor and family orientation

Congratulations to Jared Blankenship, Fairfield Union High School 2022, for choosing to serve our country in the U.S. Air Force. It is an honorable decision and one that deserves loud applause and support.

Joining the military is a big deal for anyone, and Post 11 is very happy for Jared and looking forward to watching him develop his career. He certainly works hard and has a spectacular, 'can / will do' attitude; we're certain that he will make a big impact for our country!

Jared joined Post 11 for the 2022 summer and played a critical role as a teammate and pitcher in helping his team land an impressive 27-13 record and a 2nd place finish in the state tournament. He contributed from the bullpen and made the trip to the mound 10x, either helping to hold a lead and secure the "W", which he ended up with 2 himself, or to squelch an opponent's rally.  Jared played a model roll for his team and was always willing to take the ball no matter the situation. He pitched with conviction and an attitude that said to his opponents, 'Here it is; hit it if you can'. For example, in the state championship game Jared came into a tough situation and held a very strong opponent - a team primarily of college sophomores - to one hit and one run through 4 innings, positioning his team to tie the game and go into extra innings. You'll see this quality in his responses: "…counted on and always prepared for anything"; "…ready and willing for anything thrown at him." Beyond his performance on the mound, it was a pleasure being on a team with Jared!

Below is an interview with Jared on his decision to serve our country in the U.S. Air Force. Having the opportunity to observe Jared's character and dependable, willing attitude first-hand, his responses take on deeper meaning. I'm honored to have been on a team with Jared and know that our military, or any group that he chooses to serve, will be better off. Jared's responses are a great read and you'll see these qualities in his responses. 

Congratulations, Jared, and thank you for your willingness to serve our wonderful country! 

Post 11 Fan

P.S., Jared - if the first thing you do when you land at basic training is get nervous, I doubt anyone will see it; we sure didn't see it on the ball field. :)

To which branch of the military have you committed?  United States Air Force

How does it feel to know that you’ll be serving your country and why? It feels good because it's the place me and my family and friends call home.

What is your favorite thing about the branch you chose and why? I've always heard good things about the Air Force so that's really what my favorite thing is.

Will you have a specialty and how did you choose it?  I will be part of the security forces, and I chose it because it was the job that I could use after my time in the military.

How do you see yourself contributing in your new role and what's something new that you want to learn? I see myself contributing by being able to be counted on and always prepared for anything. Something I would like to learn is actual discipline, coaches in my past have shown some, but I'm ready for the real discipline.

What do you know about your new leader(s)? And, how will you go about getting to know him / her and his / her staff and what they expect of a new recruit? I know that they are not friends, but mentors and will push me to points I've never been pushed to before. They can expect someone ready and willing for anything thrown at him.

What do think will be the most challenging about the military? The most challenging for me will be probably be just being away from my family and friends.  

What advice would you give other Post 11 players considering a military career?  Don't be scared, just go talk to a recruiter. It's up to you if you want to go and you will know.

Where will you be stationed and what do you think will be the first thing you do when you get there? I will be stationed in San Antonio, Texas, for my basic training and my job training. The first thing I believe I will do when I get there is get nervous.

Prediction – how much time do you think you'll cut off your mile once you're done with basic training? Hopefully I can drop down a minute so I can be right at the average mile time for my age.