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Beavers Field and Post 11 Combine Efforts on Digital Presence

By Post 11 Fan, 12/18/17, 7:30PM EST


Read how the two are teaming up to promote baseball

Beavers Field and Lancaster Post 11 American Legion Baseball are combining efforts to expand their digital presence. The efforts are focused on a new website – – that will include information about Beavers Field and Post 11 ALB.

Information on Beavers Field will include an overview of the field's history and an overview of its founder, Al Beavers. It will also include information about the myriad of tournaments and games played at Beavers Field through the spring, summer and fall. Information on Post 11 ALB will include current team data, schedules and player stats. The site also includes pictures, stats, records and artifacts dating back to 1974 on the success of Post 11 ALB.

Planned functionality and information on include the ability to watch games streamed live over the internet and a player promotion section to help Post 11 team members, who want to play college baseball, achieve their goals.

It’s a great site, and will only get better. Check it out at