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Read about Chaz Dickerson's decision to go to college and play baseball

By Post 11 Fan, 11/11/18, 8:00AM EST


Chaz emphasizes goal setting, team chemistry, and hard work

Congratulations to Chaz Dickerson, Berne Union 2019, for selecting Lake Land College, Mattoon, IL, to continue his academic pursuits and play college baseball! Lake Land's team is known as the Lakers and they participate in the Great Rivers Athletic Conference (GRAC), Region 24. Chaz will be accompanied at Lake Land by teammate Tylor Wolfe, Fairfield Union class of 2019. The two will be joining Bradley Wolfe, Fairfield Union class of 2017, on the Laker's baseball team.

Going to college and playing college baseball is a big deal for anyone, and Post 11 is very happy for Chaz. He has certainly worked hard and deserves it!

Chaz played summer ball the last several season with the Fairfield County Bulldogs, coached by Jason Wolfe. Chaz and a couple of other Bulldogs have joined Post 11 for the 2019 season. There are a lot of teams Chaz and his teammates could have joined, and Post 11 is honored they chose us for the upcoming season. They are all great athletes and will be significant contributors.

Below is an interview with Chaz on his decision to go to college and to play baseball. It's a great read. You'll quickly see Chaz's emphasis on hard work, team chemistry, and his strong goal orientation. A young man with Chaz's level of skills doesn't get there without having goals and working hard to accomplish them. Recently he was named to the 2019 All-Central District Football Team, Division VII, and also named Defensive Player of the Year as a linebacker. Chaz is a big, strong athletic young man and we can't wait to see him on the baseball field this summer!

Here’s the link to Lake Land College. Check it out:

Congratulations, Chaz!


Which college have you committed to? Lake Land College, Mattoon, IL.

How does it feel to know that you’ll be going to college and why? It feels pretty good because I know that I will continue playing the sport I love the most.

What is your favorite thing about the college you chose and why? My favorite thing is that I will be traveling down south to play baseball and get the experience.

Do you know your major yet, and if so, what is it? My major is going to be surveying.

How do you see yourself contributing to your new college baseball team? I hope that I can fill whatever spot they have open and fill it up to their expectation.

What do you know about your new coach? And, how will you go about getting to know him and his staff and what they expect of a new team member? I really like the new coach. He texts me every once and awhile and asks how I’m doing. I haven’t met the other coaches but I feel like I will get along with them.

What do think will be the most challenging about college baseball? I think the hardest part will be trying to fit in with the other kids and hoping that the other kids like me.

How does it feel to be facing your final year of school ball? Since this is my last year of school I would like to reach all my goals I set for myself.

Will you approach your final year of school ball and summer ball differently now that you are a committed college baseball player? Since I am committed to a college, I will just go in playing the hardest I can and preparing for college.

What is the biggest thing from your high school baseball carrier that you’ll carry forward to your college career? I will try and bring forward my leadership skills and I will set more goals to achieve.

What advice would you give other Post 11 players going through the recruiting process and considering a college baseball career?  I would tell them to work hard in the off-season and go to camps so coaches get a good look at you. 

What do you think will be the first thing you do when you get to campus? I will probably take a walk thru my schedule and meet all my professors.

Prediction – how many all-nighters do you think you’ll pull in your freshman year in college? Uhhh, I will probably say quite a bit.