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Celebrating Post 11's Wins in the Classroom

By Post 11 Fan, 11/18/18, 7:45AM EST


Guys working hard in the classroom and the ball field

Being a successful student-athlete is difficult. He has to work hard both in the classroom and on the field. It takes focus, long hours, discipline and planning. In other words, it takes a lot of effort!

Post 11 is proud of all of our team members and wants to celebrate those getting wins in the classroom.

In this past 9 weeks, 70% of the team landed on the honor roll. Of that group, the average GPA is 3.7.

Congrats, Guys!

Post 11 Guys on Recent Honor Roll and Great GPA

Name Honor Roll Cum GPA
Dold, Jacob 3.5
Hoffman, Nathan Y 4.0
Hullinger, Colton Y 3.5
Hyme, Ethan 3.1
Jackson, Aiden Y 4.1
Locke, Ajay Y 3.7
Moore, Cayden Y 3.7
Putnam, Hunter Y 3.8
Rowland, Gavin Y 3.9
Stadwick, Noah Y 4.0
Young, Nathan Y 3.8
Berstler, Drew Y 3.5
Axe, Coleby 3.3
Crist, Zack Y 3.0
Dickerson, Chaz Y 3.7
George, Zane Y 4.4
Henry, Trey Y 3.9
Hill, David Y 3.3
Kastley, Lane Y 3.6
Mirgon, Zane Y 4.0
Motta, Jacob Y 3.6
Troup, James 3.2
Wilson, Payton Y 3.5